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Cultural Confluence

Grazia Giuliani aka GiGi is an author, researcher, cultural and social curator, podcaster, a passionate cook, meditation, QiGong Master, yoga and dance practitioner.

A curious mind, GiGi embraces and blends disciplines unifying her professional life with a lifestyle centred around fostering a community through her conscious initiative FLAVOURED.IT, which sees culture as a tool for social, ethical and environmental impact.

Food as nourishment of the body and the spirit is expressed in her book Versatile: Cooking and Living Italian - which has been a literary instrument for her desire to deepen these values. Co-author of the book From Women to the World curated and edited by Elizabeth Filippouli - GiGi contributed with a piece on homelessness, which was selected to be read publicly at the Hay Festival 2021 by actress Kate Winslet

A Modern Day Renaissance woman, for her wide range of abilities and interests, GiGi was born in Milan, has lived most of her life in international London and travelled extensively, facilitating an understanding of   diverse cultures - an ability to bridge different worlds and backgrounds. 


Fluent in English, Italian and Spanish, GiGi possesses a unique multi-cultural perspective that is favorable to international clientele. An innate scholar and aesthete with long-standing connections within the food, art, culture and spiritual world, GiGi combines food with gastronomic history, anecdotes, folklore legends, nutritional and spiritual properties of ingredients - offering members a service aptly named "Gastronomic Experiences" that teaches the art of Italian cooking, whilst exploring the joie de vivre behind every dish prepared. 


Throughout her career, GiGi has curated various cultural and social projects blending visual arts, music, ballet, documentaries, antique jewellery collections, food and spirituality. GiGi worked as researcher and liaison on the European project EuropaRestauro: Art, Science and Tradition - linking the University of Florence and tuscan restorers with the V&A and English Heritage and created the English in Freedom program,  offering cultural, artistic, musical, lifestyle and linguistic research for university students and professionals living in London.


Every cultural project GiGi touches possess an element of accountability, social responsibility, and environmental consciousness, vis-à-vis the involvement of charities and less fortunate. Spirituality, meditation, outreaching the less fortunate also play a big part in GiGi’s commitment to social, ethical and environmental projects, which have seen her active in the UK, Palestine, Jerusalem, Italy, Spain and Mexico.


A fond follower of the Ecstatic Dance Movement - as conscious dance and meditation - GiGi resonates with the “universal relatedness” expressed in this spiritual practice. GiGi actively practises and guides meditation sessions - which she invites others to join.



GiGi welcomes being commissioned for projects and research, gastronomic experiences and meditation sessions - delighted to share her flavours with the world. 

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Grazia Giuliani aka Gigi

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