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BLACK VENUS La tierra se vuelve color

Life carries death within itself, although death cycles back into life. Being the absence of colour, black equals death - and colours equal life…

Pondering on this polarisation, one cannot help but wonder if, the ever portrayed eternal struggle between black and white - as in dark and light, evil and good - keeps to its negative connotation, since life cannot exist in constant darkness.

Yet, black is also the colour of sophistication and elegance. The absolute. Mystery. Power. Virility. There is strength in it.

The same strength is carried and emanated by the Goddess Venus. Deity of love, desire, fertility, maternal care and prosperity - Venus is both a Goddess, and Earth’s sister planet.

Venus is watching what is happening to her sister planet. What she has been observing with her bright eyes - from up above the sky of the Universe - is an acceleration of degradation caused by our civilisation.

Ancient civilisations marvelled the infinity of the sky, the havens and the planets. They worshiped the Gods. They nourished Mother Earth by tending to Her and offering sacrifices. The more Mother Earth was nourished, the more generous She became with her abundance of resources gifted to humankind.

Humankind became greedy. Thus, the marvel has been replaced by cunning observation, worship has turned into disrespect, and the abundance is being depleted.

Earth has become vulnerable.

Venus, sensitive to her sister’s cry out for help, is awakening human conscience - from the individual to the collective - with a vigorous ripple effect. Rediscovering communion with Nature, the flora and the animal realm, which are all children born from Earth’s fruitful womb, is paramount for the common good.

I - as a woman - feel close to both, the prosperous fertility of Mother Earth, and the sensual, loving, caring Venus. They both embrace. They are both givers.

To give generously is one of the most fulfilling acts of love and benevolence. When we give back we feel like we have filled the other half of what it was gifted to us.

To renew our wholeness with Mother Earth, we must implement daily acts of kindness: being reducing pollution and increasing recycling, adopting a conscious consumption of natural resources, fostering environmental awareness, being the one who makes the change. Time is running out. We all know that. Earth is sick.

Venus, though, is powerfully touching hearts, shaking consciousness and prompting humankind to love Mother Earth again.

I proudly stand here in this black and white image to mirror and exude Venus’s will to strive forward in the fight against pollution, so that the black and white opposition between humankind and Earth will merge into harmonious hues of colours, which variety so much belongs and defines Nature.

Venus is leading us all, with virtue, on her dominant length-wave to give back to Mother Earth her beauty, which should not be wilted but made to blossom… Just like a purple lotus flower which grows deep in murky waters, to surface from the mud to the light in full purity, regeneration and rebirth.

Grazia Giuliani.

Black Venus La tierra se vuelve color

Gianna Carrano Sune'

Photographic and literary exhibition

Photos: Gianna Carrano Sune'

Literary texts: Various authors, including Grazia Giuliani aka Gigi

Sala Sant Antoni - Fundacio' Sa Nostra, Mao - Menorca

12.05.21 - 28.05.21

Opening: 12.05.21 - 18.30h

Registration required for entry: +34 683145741

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