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Urgent need to make peace with Nature

Nature, the Creation, Mother Earth call it as you like it - if we keep destroying it, eventually it will destroy us. This is what is happening and we are urged to recognise it, take action and reconcile.

Image by UNEP

In a warming world where the Artic temperature is rising at twice the average rate for the rest of the planet, fierce storms recurring more often and more vigorously bringing destruction and death, a widespread pandemic of viruses which normally affect the animal realm, which has constantly been disturbed by losing its natural habitat due to deforestation happening in Asia, Africa, Latin America - the message could not be clearer.

Why a wide range of our planet population is still not listening, seems to be beyond comprehension. As if they are not going to be affected by anything that is manifesting daily.

On 18th February a new report was officially launched by the U.N. Environment Programme. Making Peace with Nature is a scientific blueprint to tackle the climate, biodiversity and pollution emergencies. All parts of society are called to take on the transformations needed for a sustainable future. Actually, I would like to reframe it - for our sustainable future.

The emphasis on consumption and how this is managed in the most ‘advanced’ countries, the waste of what in some parts of the world are considered ‘needs’ have become more and more evident, and these two issues have also been underlined in the latest U.N. report.

Recommendations have been drawn up and they reinforce what it has been said on many occasions, perhaps in the hope that as 2020 has been considered a disaster for humanity, 2021 may be seen and actively lived as the year when humanity does come to terms with reality and makes peace with Nature.

How many times have we all heard the following?

Recognise the links between climate change, land degradation, water, ocean, air pollution and the loss of bio-diversity.

Need for investment in low-carbon, nature-friendly technologies.

More efficient use of water.

Produce food without destroying forests, natural habitats and degrading soil.

Factoring environmental and social costs of our activities in the prices of goods and services.

Realise the connection between human health and healthy eco-systems, and behave accordingly.

The above are some of the top recommendations contained in the U.N. Make Peace with Nature Programme.

Our patterns of behaviour, consumption and, widely, economy must change. We can start from the little things that everyone can do.

I have read extensively about climate change. Taken part in marches. Then I have actually said to myself you must change more of your habits. I have asked myself what more can I do from the everyday practice of recycling, litter picking, reduce food waste… In the last couple of months, I have changed one of my daily routines, whereby in the evening I only turn on the light of a small abadjour in the room where I spend my time before retiring to bed. Apart from creating a wonderful atmosfere conducing to relaxation and a calm environment, it helps with reducing electricity consumption. The rest of my abode is dark, as there is no need to keep any other light on. It may seem a silly example, or impractical in some busy households, and I am certainly not imposing my choice on anyone. Nevertheless, it is a small habit I have consciously developed, which can be multiplied by the tens, the thousands, the million.

We can all think of something which is superfluous in our everyday life, and start doing away with it to make a small individual impact contributing to the collective one, which is so much needed.

How many more reports do we need to research, compile, publish, read? The evidence is lived everyday by one and each of us. It is said that a small gesture goes a long way. I invite our readers, members and contributors to submit the small gesture they have decided to make daily, weekly at their own pace to contribute to making peace with Nature.

Please do send your habits with a photo if you wish, and they will be published on our Instagram account. Being creative and original in helping making peace with Nature can be a fun challenge we take on with ourselves, and proactively contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.

I look forward to reading you. or dm

Grazia Giuliani.

Link to report:

Source: UNEP

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